Custom Ammo Platinum Package

Price: $790.00 For all caliber rifles including 50 BMG 12 WEEK TURN AROUND! (estimate)

This is one of our top package for any rifle.  It is very complete. Only Titanium is faster but, has the same features no other package has  more.

  1. Complete bench inspection of the rifle and record data. (3 hours)
  2. Video tape the inside of the barrel and out side of the rifle.
  3. Clean rifle and remove customer bases, rings, and scope.
  4. Free float the barrel and seal the stock
  5. Re-crown barrel with competition type crown
  6. Custom pillar bedding the action and barrel channel.
  7. Set trigger to 2 1/2 to 3 pounds with no creep and provide computerized trigger evaluation and comments.
  8. Cryo treat the rifle barrel and action (not bolt) using 300 below process.
  9. Lap scope rings to match the scope
  10. Develop test loads based on the dimensions of the chamber and box magazine.
    - Includes brass inspection, primer inspection, crown inspection, and using premium coated bullets.  Bullets selected according to customers planned use of the rifle.
    - Any brand of bullet- ACCULUBE 10-X coated.
    - Develop load for second bullet weight- $190.00
  11. Test fire on the range and record all data
    - Includes Ohler Chonograph, barrel temperature, barometric pressure, outside temperature, wind velocity and direction, time of day, and humidity. (soon to be added is the Ohler 43 down range ballistics coefficient data and a new chamber pressure system.)
  12. Complete break in of rifle barrel.using David Tubb's FINAL FINISH Systemâ„¢ (if required)
  13. Test fire with 36 power target scope and record data
  14. Test fire with customers scope, bases, and rings and inspect.
  15. Do final sight in and record according to customers instructions.
  16. Provide personalized and very detailed bound report of all work and comments on the rifle to the customer.
  17. Free life time rifle cleaning, re-inspections and re-video taping for records. (not including freight each way).
  18. Free ballistic chart updates (unlimited)
  19. Free upgrades if a new and better load is found for the same caliber and type of rifle. Shipping not included.
  20. 5 rounds of loaded ammunition tuned to your rifle. Includes the 50 BMG


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We keep records of every load for you on our computer data base and on hard copy for safety and we will respond to your needs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!  Our technical experts will help you in every way that they can with your shooting needs.  Call and ask for me personally! I am pleased to help you!

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