50 BMG Brass Case Prices

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®  we see a lot of brass cases (commonly called just "brass") for the big 50 BMG.  They can range from military surplus, new american made, new foreign made, and who knows who made it. We have also seen the latest rage change from one to another with claims of one being more fantastic than the other.  Many believe that what the best shooters are using is the only thing that they should be use.  We even see comments about "never use once fired surplus brass cases" too.

We can tell you from dealing with this since 1996 that we have handled and sold just about all the different types of brass cases offered.  We have seen studies and good analysis of brass cases too. The articles in the Very High Power published by the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association are generally quite good and generally believable.  Again we maintain that if a suggestion or recommendation does not make sense to you then go forward with caution...we do!

Our brass cases will come as described below with a high shine on them and boxed in protective foam custom boxes not bagged in bulk.  Unless stated other wise they will be ready to use. As always you will get free tech support from us on them any time.

50 BMG BRASS CASE DESCRIPTION AND PRICES (also see comments below)

Item # Brass Cases Quantity Description Price
  Lake City once fired benchrest prep cases 1 Turn the necks, debur flash hole, true primer pocket, trim, clean Call
  New MagTech cases 1 Factory new- nothing done to them. Top quality Call
  New benchrest prepped MagTech cases 1 Turn the necks, debur flash hole, true primer pocket, trim, clean Call
  Mixed Once fired military surplus-no prep 1 We clean them up--good condition-not sized=recent issue Call
  Mixed once fired cleaned and sized cases 1 Fully inspected and ready to use Call
  New Winchester primed cases 1 Brand new Call
  New RWS cases 1 Top quality Call


SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED.  All payments are due prior to shipment to customer. See our Shipping and purchasing policies. (click here)
Prices are subject to change without notice please call to confirm prices! Prices shown do not include Shipping/Handling, Special Packaging, or Insurance



1. Will quality brass cases make you shoot better?- No! Consistent and well made brass cases will help the ammunition perform at its peak provided all the rest of the ammunition's components are of equal quality and well constructed. Generally shooting practice on the range will make you shoot better along with quality brass cases. Certain mechanical things will improve your chances of shooting better like a good rest system, good optics, good trigger, and of course a good firearm.

2. Do brass cases wear out?- Yes, absolutely!

3. How many fired rounds does it take to wear out the brass cases?- While the wall thickness and material mixture used to make the brass case is a factor, your chamber design, load pressure, how many things they are fired, and how you care for your brass cases are what wears them out.

4. Will sizing increase the speed of how quickly my brass cases wear out?- Yes.  There is a factor of "case hardening" and/or over working the brass case.  Basically it is felt that the more often you size the brass case you chance case hardening it. Thus having it become brittle and then cracking or it no longer sizes correctly. Some brass cases are "softer" than others and thus will case harden much differently and perhaps slower.

5. Does neck sizing only help extend the life of a brass case?- Many believe it does.  We have not seen a good study by anyone that proves that though.  It seems to make sense though.

6. Does full length sizing wear a brass case out faster? Many believe that it does.  We have not seen a good study to prove that though.  It does not always make sense to us. We know that by neck sizing only the rest of the case will fit snugly in the chamber the case has been fired in and thus improve performance by controlling case expansion.  By not full length sizing the inside brass case capacity can be different too.

7. Should I use once fired military brass cases in my rifle?-We have worked with tens of thousands of once fired military brass cases over the years.  They require extra care when selecting which ones to use.  They require close inspection and checking in a head space or chamber gauge AFTER" they have been full length sized.  They MUST be trimmed to length as they may be to long  and the primer pocket chamfered to remove the primer crimp.  The head stamped date of manufacture is generally on the head of the case and care must be taken when selecting a year for the once fired military brass case. The newer the better of course.  The older brass cases can be brittle.

8.  Should I use neck turned brass cases?-  The intent of neck turning is to make the wall thickness of the neck the same all the way around.  This will improve/insure the "grip" and pressure is even all the way around the neck on the bullet and improve the even release of the bullet when fired. Some tight chambered rifles require neck turned brass cases.

Now will it make a difference in your shooting in your rifle?  Enough for you to notice?  Maybe. Depending on the quality of the rifle and its construction and your skill in shooting you may see a difference.  Only you can be the judge of that.

9. Is it worth while to water weigh the brass cases? It is a common belief that water weighing a brass case gives you the ability to better match the brass case.  The usable space inside the case should be as consistent as possible so when the cartridge is fired each burns as consistently as possible.  Same amount of air space and same amount of space taken up by the propellant.

10. Is it worthwhile to just weigh the brass cases?- At the present time we feel it is not.  Re-read number 9.  We feel that just weighing the case tells you very little.  Three time World Champion 50 BMG shooter Buddy Clifton felt it was far more useful to weigh the primer than the brass case.  He did believe in water weighing the case and the projectile and sort accordingly. Some might say it is better than nothing and we are not sure that is true.

11. Should you anneal your brass cases and how often? Many competitors spend a great deal of time working on their brass cases and try to get as much use out of them as possible.  As brass cases are used and re-sized they will generally case harden and become brittle or no longer resize properly.  PROPERLY annealing the neck of the brass case can extend the life of the brass case. Each shooter must decide if annealing is worthwhile  and how often.  We do not have a specific recommendation as each rifle and brand of individual brass case is different.



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We keep records of every load for you on our computer data base and on hard copy for safety and we will respond to your needs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!  Our technical experts will help you in every way that they can with your shooting needs.  Call and ask for me personally! I am pleased to help you!

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